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When Pete Tyjas approached me about providing an article for a new magazine based not only on how, where and when we fish but also concentrating on the why and what it means to us – I was all ears.

Trying to be lazy I tried to palm him off with some old shorts id written a couple of years ago ……………Pete got back in touch …. this time he was more specific ….He wanted something new……. new means work, new means development, new means getting out there & actually thinking ….. creatively

So with this new content brief I set sail down the Ribble to see what I wanted to say about my sport, my pastime, my passion & my personality

Two weeks later I had something worth publishing but would the magazine live up to Pete’s hopes and expectations – after-all …..all it takes is a speck of dust on the needle and even the greatest tune can distort into an irritating mess….

At least Pete was happy with my piece – he had loved it. Nothing ignites the inner glow like a complement – remember that and be more generous with them – life’s more pleasant.

Now all I had to do was wait for the magazine to drop. What arrived at my door was stunning – better than I had hoped for. A magazine that screamed quality, thought and space. Writers given the space the breathe – readers given the time to think – No adverts – a place of solace from the media shit storm that bombards our waking day.

Really – give it a go – wonderful photography – superb artwork  – fantastic writing and even a piece about fishing for Atlantic Salmon on the Ribble in Bandit Country by me. I hope this magazine succeeds as in my opinion it deserves to. Its got something that’s overlooked in a world run by accountants, ingenuity, integrity, verve, passion and most of all is made with love.

Fly Culture Mag Cover


Playhappy, Boo

Published by guildofreason

Live in and love the ribble valley -written two books about my love of salmon fishing. Terminal Chancer & Hooked On Hope are both still available.

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