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Along with my talented producer friend Paul Nataraj we are slowly turning the first book into a series of podcasts – Paul provides the soundscape while I narrate the stories. What we get is an eclectic mixtape of spoken word, samples, sound effects and music. This cocktail juices up the text to create something both rich, and compelling.

The first three episodes are available now via soundcloud, apple etc

Please be aware the content is 18+

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Episode 4 – Turning Pro-biotic – One Of Us Is Dead Hooked on Hope The Podcast

TC – Chapter 3 & 4 Having had a taste of Aberdeenshire Dee – Lamont and I try to join the monied elite via the shortest route possible. We battle HR, dodge, and skive while also contemplating what makes a contest. Chapter 3 – Turning pro-biotic Chapter 4 – One Of Us Is Dead — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/hookedonhope/message
  1. Episode 4 – Turning Pro-biotic – One Of Us Is Dead
  2. Episode 3, ABC Dee – Fire the Arrow to Kill the Beast
  3. Episode 2, Weights & Measures
  4. Episode 1, Clint Best Vs The Cosmos

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