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Hooked On Hope – re-cast – a bit of strange

Along with my talented producer friend Paul Nataraj we are slowly turning the first book into a series of podcasts – Paul provides the soundscape while I narrate the stories. What we get is an eclectic mixtape of spoken word, samples, sound effects and music. This cocktail juices up the text to create something both rich, and compelling. There are a great many podcasts out there. This is not a be the best you can be podcast or any kind of insight into how to be a success. Our aim is purely to entertain.

The first five episodes are available now via soundcloud, apple etc –

We enjoy being creative. Paul has made two solo albums as Chewy Benson and contributes to community workshops and art sound pieces that reflect community dynamics. We both have day jobs but also love being able to express ourselves through various creative activities. Self expression is important and we consider ourselves to be part of a healthy escape committee. If you would like to support us then please do share, like, review and subscribe.

Episode 5, Only Love Can Do That Hooked on Hope The Podcast

TC – Chapter 6 Only Love Can Do That 'There's more to fishing than catching fish', is the mantra of the philosophical angler. Let's face it, it's nice to get one once in a while, so after nine long months without even a hint of a take, Boo finally gets a pull… but like being clean through on goal sometimes its the miss that teaches us the most.  — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/hookedonhope/message
  1. Episode 5, Only Love Can Do That
  2. Episode 4, Turning Pro-biotic – One Of Us Is Dead
  3. Episode 3, ABC Dee – Fire the Arrow to Kill the Beast
  4. Episode 2, Weights & Measures
  5. Episode 1, Clint Best Vs The Cosmos

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Boo & Paul

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