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Hooked On Hope – Out Now!

Hooked On Hope – Buy it here Well here it is – the follow up to my book Terminal Chancer Emancipated from the drudgery of nine-to-five and buoyed by the flexibility of self-employment, Boo resolves to take his newfound freedom and use it to navigate the predictably unpredictable waters of the River Ribble, where success comes to only the most committed of anglers. Flanked by a colourful cast of characters, not least the eccentric and excitable Lamont, Boo enters the fishing season feeling a sense of optimism that comes with knowing that the reward is the journey rather than the destination, although he wouldn’t turn his nose up at a massive Ribble salmon. Im always happy to hear from readers, if you buy on Amazon please leave a review if you have enjoyed it. If you dont enjoy it then you can give me a dead arm the next time you see me. Playhappy Boo

Hooked On Hope

My new book Hooked On Hope will be available via Amazon from early December. Lamont, Ahab and our pursuit for salmon over the 2019 season – Its never easy but it’s always entertaining! Chapters Funky Kingston Codebreakers Terry Cracking Championship Versions Bandit Country Witness the Shitness Sensations in the dark Part 1 & 2 Strictly Business Be a Man Vape Expectations The Last Dance Hooked On Hope is a follow-up to Terminal Chancer – the TC first edition ltd run of 500 has sold out but a 2nd edition with a revised cover is available via Amazon. If you would like a signed pre order copy of Hooked On Hope then please get in touch. PlayHappy James Gilbraith          

Fly Culture Magazine

When Pete Tyjas approached me about providing an article for a new magazine based not only on how, where and when we fish but also concentrating on the why and what it means to us – I was all ears. Trying to be lazy I tried to palm him off with some old shorts id written a couple of years ago ……………Pete got back in touch …. this time he was more specific ….He wanted something new……. new means work, new means development, new means getting out there & actually thinking ….. creatively So with this new content brief I set sail down the Ribble to see what I wanted to say about my sport, my pastime, my passion & my personality Two weeks later I had something worth publishing but would the magazine live up to Pete’s hopes and expectations – after-all …..all it takes is a speck of dust on the needle and even the greatest tune can distort into an irritating mess…. At least Pete was happy with my piece – he had …

Both lost and found as everything before you and calmness descends.

Terminal Chancer

  Terminal Chancer Silver Seasons Atlantic Salmon – Is a book about fishing, passion, humour, optimism, hope, outsiders, antiheros and breaking out of the eternal grind. One reader has said Its a classic and a must read. Another hailed it as a wild ride. The book  started as scattered ideas and entries in my diary. While connecting these strands I quickly realized that I was writing something very different – a potential square peg. Life’s interesting spaces tend to be inhabited by square pegs, people who don’t  or won’t fit the plan. Feedback & reviews have been fantastic – Caught By The River, Eat Sleep Fish, Fallons Angler, Trout Fisherman and Saatchi Arts & Music Magazine have all given Terminal Chancer high praise and superb reviews. Obviously these comments are very gratifying but its the reviews from the readers – anglers and non-anglers alike that have been the greatest surprise. The warmth in which the book has been received has been overwhelming – For more info, reviews and an option to buy – please read on and use the link Paypal link below. Back cover reads : Blinded by optimism and dammed by …

Reviews of Terminal Chancer

Jon Berry is the Author of A Can of Worms, Beneath The Black Water, and A Train To Catch. He has published many articles on fishing and was asked by Caught by The River to review Terminal Chancer. I have to say that when I heard such an accomplished writer was reviewing my book – I was both excited and nervous in equal measure. Review by Jon Berry  for Caught by The River  – Atlantic salmon. Rainbow trout. Shaun Ryder. LSD. Apocalypse Now. A crazy-as-crazy-gets friend called Lamont. Shrimp-head balaclavas. An unlikely mix, but Gilbraith’s Terminal Chancer is an unlikely book. It is rare for authors to mention, as Gilbraith’s does in the book’s early pages, that they have self-published the item you hold in your hands because two publishers have turned it down. Upon finishing, I can see why they did; I can also see that they missed a trick. Terminal Chancer is an unusual memoir and an idiosyncratic joy. Gilbraith is a salmon man, devoted to fishing for the rare runs of fish on …

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