Hooked On Hope is available via Amazon

Salmon Fishing – Hooked On Hope A must have for every anglers bookshelf! James had me re-living my youth from the first page right through to the last sentence, and it was an absolute joy! Hooked on Hope is my new favourite book. Damon Valentine The first book in the series is – Terminal ChancerContinue reading “Hooked On Hope is available via Amazon”

Hooked On Hope – Out Now!

Hooked On Hope – Buy it here Hooked On Hope is the follow up to my 2014 book Terminal Chancer Emancipated from the drudgery of nine-to-five and buoyed by the flexibility of self-employment, Boo resolves to take his newfound freedom and use it to navigate the predictably unpredictable waters of the River Ribble, where successContinue reading “Hooked On Hope – Out Now!”

Terminal Chancer

Terminal Chancer Silver Seasons Atlantic Salmon – Is a book about fishing, passion, humour, optimism, hope, outsiders, antiheros and breaking out of the eternal grind. One reader has said Its a classic and a must read. Another hailed it as a wild ride. The book  started as scattered ideas and entries in my diary. While connecting these strands I quickly realized thatContinue reading “Terminal Chancer”

Reviews of Terminal Chancer

Jon Berry is the Author of A Can of Worms, Beneath The Black Water, and A Train To Catch. He has¬†published many articles on fishing and was asked by Caught by The River to review Terminal Chancer. I have to say that when I heard such an accomplished writer was reviewing my book – IContinue reading “Reviews of Terminal Chancer”