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Salmon Fishing – Hooked On Hope

A must have for every anglers bookshelf! James had me re-living my youth from the first page right through to the last sentence, and it was an absolute joy! Hooked on Hope is my new favourite book.

Damon Valentine

The first book in the series is – Terminal Chancer – Silver Seasons – Atlantic Salmon – now SOLD OUT – Terminal Chancer is ten years old. The book is no longer available (there are plenty out there on the second hand market). Its long overdue some revision, and an edit. So I have taken it off sale to work on the revised edition.

The second book in the series is – Hooked On Hope – 2019

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The third book will be available this year


James Gilbraith

There are so many characters in this book that fishers will relate to

Amazing Visualisation

Buy a copy & phone in sick !

I have barely fished for salmon in my life, yet like his debut, “Terminal Chancer” ( truly a sleeping classic of angling writing) this is a book that speaks to any angler.

Hooked on Hope is humorous, profound at times and again encapsulates the essence of what it is to be an angling addict. It also reflects how shared obsessions bonds us ( perhaps chains us is a better word ) with those of diverse characteristics.

Delighted to feature in issue three of Fallons with an excerpt from the next book

Published by guildofreason

Live in and love the ribble valley -written two books about my love of salmon fishing. Terminal Chancer & Hooked On Hope are both still available.

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